Barella called ‘best midfielder in Italy’

Nicolò Barella was unanimously considered Man of the Match following Inter’s 2-0 win at Fiorentina, as newspapers called him ‘the best midfielder in Italy.’

He opened the scoring with a ferocious strike from the edge of the area, bending it past Bartlomiej Dragowski into the far corner.

The Italy international turns 24 tomorrow, but is fast becoming every bit as important to Inter as Romelu Lukaku.

“Dragowski prevents him scoring a goal that was practically already in the net,” wrote the Corriere dello Sport with a 7,5 out of 10 verdict on his performance.

“So he tries again, picking his spot carefully and placing the ball where the Viola goalkeeper simply cannot reach. Exponential growth of a total midfielder.”

La Gazzetta dello Sport also praised Barella for his contribution to the team even more than the goal.

“What everyone can see: the goal, a real pearl. What his teammates feel: constant support in any phase of the game. What the opponents can sense: a Number 23 seemingly in every area of the pitch.

“What Conte now appreciates even more: a yellow card hanging over his head that Nicolò has learned to control in a way he couldn’t before.

“Final result: the best midfielder in Italy, who would be well suited to many of Europe’s most prestigious jerseys, who now even scores regularly.

“Irreplaceable for Conte: the Nerazzurri’s Scudetto chances depend on his performances.”

Tuttosport also bowed to Barella’s undeniable growth and maturity with another 7.5 verdict.

“Scores his third goal of the season with a great right-foot curler, having previously forced a huge save from Dragowski. In terms of quality and quantity, he is beyond reach.”