Branca: ‘No one can be compared with Mourinho’

Former Inter director Marco Branca claims ‘No one can be compared with José Mourinho’ and insists the Nerazzurri have no obligation to win the Serie A title.

Inter won the treble in 2010 when the Nerazzurri had Branca in the control room and Mourinho in the dug-out.

“I worked with him for two years and I think no one ca be compared with him for what he says and how he says it,” the former Inter director toldTMW Radio.

“He is meticulous, sometimes he has notable intuitions. I don’t if he has to find the right place to deliver, but someone like him goes beyond the stats, he is just different.”

According to reports in Italy, Suning are in talks to sell a majority stake in the club. Do Inter risk to suffer setbacks?

“There is such risk, it was more surprising than Moratti’s exit about which there had been rumours for a couple of years. This was a bolt from the blue.

“However, sometimes it can serve as a motivation, we’ve seen many small clubs win leagues in the lower divisions despite tough moments. The pitch will do the talking.

“Now they must only focus on results, working as professional. Thigs will get sorted, they are still Inter players where it’s easier to find a solution.

“Inter must do anything they can to win the Serie A title, because they are a competitive team, they can win, but they have no obligation.”