Eriksen: ‘Laudrup and Baggio my idols’

Inter star Christian Eriksen reveals the first football shirt he bought was one of Roberto Baggio. ‘My dad was a big fan.’

Inter released an interview with the former Tottenham star in their match programme.

“My role model has always been Michael Laudrup,” he said.

“Everyone wants to be like him in Denmark because he was the best player. My dad was a big fan of Roberto Baggio. I bought his shirt as soon as possible. It was the first football shirt I’ve ever bought.

“I’ve admired him since I was a child,” he added.

Eriksen is now one of Inter’s regular starters and the turning point for him was a decisive free-kick goal in a Coppa Italia derby clash against Milan.

“It’s always special to score a goal and it’s even better to score in a derby. It was amazing. That free-kick was perfect for me. It was an exceptional moment.”