Lukaku: ‘Inter took me to another level’

Romelu Lukaku reveals how Inter and Antonio Conte’s staff allowed him to ‘reach another level. I completely changed my diet.’

The striker had already confessed on a podcast the first few weeks in Milan that he was having to eat lots of salad, but it seems he has now become accustomed to it after being overweight at Everton and Manchester United.

“When I came to Inter, we analysed my body and so much has changed,” Lukaku said in an official Inter podcast with the club nutritionist Matteo Pincella.

“I eat a lot of salad and fish, which has a great effect on me. I take L-Carnitine and vitamin supplements.

“My diet consists of salad for lunch, lots of chicken breast, shirataki pasta. I don’t vary it very much, because for the way we play, I have to be very strong physically. Since I’ve been following this lifestyle, I feel much better on the pitch, much more reactive and quicker.

“For carbohydrates, I love sweet potato and wild rice, but I don’t each much pasta. Every country has its own focus on diet, and I’ve always been a powerful player, but Italy took me to another level. I’ve never felt so strong.

“I reached another level, both physical and mental.”

The diet isn’t completely restrictive, though, as Lukaku does allow himself a few treats.

“The day before a game, I can go a bit wild with the carbs. Rehydrating and sleeping are very important, especially as I get older.

“After a match, I tend to eat two packets of gnocchi, but it depends on what the chef prepared. They get into my system really quickly and that helps.

“I eat and drink at the stadium, in our special mess hall, or bring food from home. I don’t sleep much after games.”