Goldman Sachs’ loan and Suning’s new strategy: latest on Inter’s future

According to reports in Italy, Suning want to keep a majority stake in Inter and a £213m loan from Goldman Sachs will keep the club running until the end of the season.

On Tuesday, Suning ensured they will “continue to guarantee the financial support that the club never lacked,” and according to Il Corriere della Sera, the Zhang family is not eager to sell a majority stake in the club anymore.

BC Partners had made a £596 bid to take over at the club, but Suning rejected the proposal as they valued the club at £851.9m

However, the issue regarding Lion Rock’s minority 31.05% stake remains.

Il Corriere dello Sport reports Suning will keep Inter running until the end of the season thanks to Goldman Sachs’ £213m loan, but the Zhang family needs to solve the long-term problem.

As per La Gazzetta dello Sport and Il Corriere della Sera, Suning are in talks with American funds that could acquire Lion Rock’s stakes with a £213m bid. But, that’s not the only option.

Milano Finanza reports Inter’s owners are also considering taking a new bond worth £213m, which would be used in part to refinance the previous bond worth £319m that expires in 2022.

By doing so, the Zhang family could take 100% control of the club and sit down with potential buyers themselves, thus retaining the profits if they were to sell the club.