F1 driver Perez: ‘I have No.11 because of Zamorano’

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez said he picked No. 11 for his car because of former Inter striker Ivan Zamorano.

The Mexican Formula 1 driver surprised people when he said that he uses the number on his vehicle due to his admiration for the former Chile international.

Zamorano was not known for having played with No. 11 on the back of his shirt, in fact the most famous story about the Chilean and his shirt numbers is when he was so committed to wearing No. 9 that he wore No. 1+8.

But Perez, revealed Zamorano was the reason why he picked No. 11 for his car during his youth, as the Chilean played with the number for Club America after leaving Inter in January 2001.

“I admired a footballer named Ivan Zamorano, he used No. 11 when I was in kart categories and asked to have that number,” he told the official F1 channel.

“Since then, it has accompanied me, in fact my personal email has the No. 11.”

Zamorano wore No. 11 during his time with Club America in Mexico, where he won the championship with the Eagles.