Super League: exit clauses revealed as question remains unanswered

According to a leaked document reported by The Financial Times, the remaining Super League clubs could sue the those who are quitting, but a question remains unanswered.

The newspaper reports a leaked document revealing the Super League clubs ‘would have faced financial liabilities worth hundreds of millions for leaving the breakaway competition once it began’.

The Super League has collapsed only days after the announcement, as the football world protested the attempt to redraw European competitions.

 The newspaper reveals three major points in a leaked document designed to lock Europe’s top teams into the Super League.

 The initial 12 founding clubs – including Juventus, Milan and Inter – had agreed ‘exit clauses designed to keep them in the competition once the money was raised to fund this project’.

 The Financial Times writes that the leaked document confirms the clubs ‘agreed not to abandon their new competition before June 2025, and thereafter would have to issue notice to leave at least a season in advance’.

If any clubs then decided to leave, the report reveals ‘they would have been liable to pay back money received from an initial infrastructure grant’.

The expected 15 founding clubs had intended to share €3.25bn, financed by JP Morgan Chase, and the newspaper reveals the ones leaving the competition would have to pay back their share.

The report claims the ‘exit clauses appear to be dependent on money flowing to the teams, which has not happened’ as the competition was announced only a few days ago.

Inter were the first Italian side to withdraw from the breakaway tournament officially and the leaked document claims the remaining clubs could sue the participants withdrawing from the competition.

It’s maybe no coincidence Juventus and Milan didn’t explicitly say they pull out of the competition in their official statements.

As the report points out, it remains unclear what liabilities the clubs face when choosing to withdraw, which remains the big unanswered question about the Super League.