#CeferinOut trends in Italy and Spain

While in England the backlash to the Super League has been practically universal, in Italy and Spain the hashtag #CeferinOut was trending.

The project seems to be dead in the water and it remains to be seen what repercussions there will be for the failed coup.

UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin warned that any clubs still adhering to the European Super League could be excluded from the Champions League.

The only remaining sides would seem to be Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and Milan.

This is why the hashtag #CeferinOut was trending on Twitter in both Italy and Spain on Friday evening.

It included messages mocking the UEFA slogan of ‘respect’ with the suggestion: “Those who want respect, give respect.”

This also followed reports that during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ceferin raised his own wages as UEFA President.

A statement from the Milan ultras group Curva Sud when the Super League was announced seemed to sum up the general approach of many Italian fans.

They protest that the Super League is merely a continuation of the Champions League in moving away from the original European Cup model, providing more and more fixtures to generate more money.

“Football did belong to the people until the 1990s, when the Champions League was born, destroying the old European Cup. From that moment, an unbreachable chasm has been created between the big and small clubs.”