Malago’ won’t rule out Super League in future

CONI President Giovanni Malagò warns he ‘cannot guarantee the European Super League won’t happen in future,’ as clubs didn’t learn their lesson.

Although the six English sides and Inter pulled out of the Super League within 48 hours, clubs like Real Madrid and Juventus continue to insist it will go ahead.

UEFA and the FIGC are taking steps to ban those clubs from taking part in regular tournaments if they sign up, but Italy’s ultimate sporting chief is unconvinced.

“I cannot guarantee that the Super League won’t happen in future,” Italian Olympic Committee President Malagò told RAI 2 programme Restart.

“It’d probably be in a few years, I doubt before, but it could all happen again. It’s necessary all the sporting institutions work together to reach some agreement.”

The 12 big spenders say they need the Super League to avoid bankruptcy, but Malagò sees the same old problems.

“During the pandemic, before Serie A resumed, I said football needed to restart, otherwise there was the very real risk everything would crumble.

“However, they needed to make the most of that unique moment to reconsider some contracts that were absolutely over the top.”