UEFA negotiate lesser Super League sanctions?

According to ESPN, UEFA are prepared to take ‘severe disciplinary action’ against the Super League clubs, but are already close to deals with those who walked away, including Inter.

It’s reported the last 10 days have seen numerous behind the scenes talks with the 12 breakaway clubs to exchange a lighter sanction for a formal commitment to leave the Super League project definitively.

ESPN claims that Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have already reached an ‘understanding’ with UEFA.

Inter are also believed to be close to an agreement, as they were the first of the Italians to bow out.

This leaves just Juventus, Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelona, who could be made an example of by UEFA if they continue to stick to their guns on the Super League.

That could go so far as to include severe financial penalties and even exclusion from UEFA competition for one or two years.

This may well be why FIFA President Gianni Infantino stepped up today in L’Equipe urging everyone to take a step back.

“We have to avoid speaking about a war when we talk about football and when the world is suffering from an unprecedented pandemic.

“Some actions have to have consequences and everyone must take responsibility, but you always have to be careful when talking about sanctions.

“Punishing a club is also punishing the players, coaches and fans, who all had nothing to do with this.”

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