Marotta: ‘Super League issue archived’

Inter CEO Beppe Marotta assures everyone involved in the Lega Serie A meeting has ‘archived’ the Super League and is working together to find ‘a model of general sustainability.’

Juventus, Milan and Inter were three of the 12 clubs who signed up to the Super League project, only for nine to pull out within 48 hours.

Only Juve, Real Madrid and Barcelona remain, although today’s Lega Serie A meeting seems to have worked on the Bianconeri too.

“We discussed various themes in a cordial climate and the atmosphere is positive,” insisted Marotta to reporters as he left the meeting this afternoon.

“Many expressed the desire to work together in order to find a model of general sustainability that suits everyone, looking forward to a future that right now is difficult.

“The Super League issue has been archived. It is no longer something that needs to be considered.”

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