Conte vs. Capello: what happened

Conte vs. Capello: what happened

Antonio Conte snapped at the Sky Sport presenter, the reporter and Fabio Capello after Inter’s elimination from Europe. The former coach hit back: ‘He can’t talk only when things go well,’ while Alessandro Costacurta said: ‘He didn’t respect us.’

Conte looked irritable during his post-match interview on Sky Sport, following Inter’s 0-0 draw against Shakhtar that saw the Nerazzurri finish last in their Champions League group.

“There was not the determination, the desire to win at all costs,” Capello told Conte who cut short: “I have no response to that.”

The interview continued with the questions from Sky presenter Anna Billò, but once again Conte looked irritable.

“Shakhtar came here and transformed their tactics against us in order to neutralise us. They lost 5-0, so that’s why they changed. Think before asking questions,” he said.

Capello then asked do you actually have a Plan B when things don’t work, seeing as Shakhtar changed to face him?

“We do have a Plan B, but I won’t talk about it here, otherwise that’ll be a total disaster and that’ll get neutralised too.”

The behaviour of the Italian coach was criticised by Capello and former Milan defender Alessandro Costacurta, who was also in the studio.

“Today it was impossible to speak with Conte,” Capello said after Conte had left.

“He did not understand that we cannot speak only when things go well. Inter have suffered a huge economic damage this evening, the are not even going to play in the Europa League. The damage is huge, even for sponsors.”

“I am very disappointed in my friend Conte,” Costacurta continued.

“I am very sorry that he did not respect us. He is a unique and generous person, but tonight I did not like him. I’m very disappointed by his attitude.”

Later on, talking about Atalanta, who, instead, have qualified for the last 16 stage for the second successive season, Capello added:

 “[Gian Piero] Gasperini is a coach. He is smart. He understood that he had to change something tactically. He understood that he could not play like he did last season. This is the strength of a coach. [Massimiliano] Allegri is another one who changed tactically, who read the game. I’ll stop here.”