Ibra: ‘I could become a coach’

Zlatan Ibrahimovic picks up his Dream XI and reveals he could become a coach one day.

“I choose eleven for their strenght or for affection. Those who gave me something,” he told Sportkeek.

“[Gianluigi] Buffon is the goalkeeper, I played with him at Juventus. That was a special team. I have great memories. I was young and everyone treated me like I am treating young players at Milan now. They had so much to teach me.

“Maxwell is the left-back, he is a friend of mine. Then [Alessandro] Nesta and [Fabio] Cannavaro in central defence. Fabio was crazy, he used to take me around Naples with his scooter. I was young, I didn’t have experience. Him and [Lilian] Thuram had too much. I’d like to play with them now.

“Maicon is the right-back, when he arrived at Inter he wasn’t consider as strong as he proved to be.

“Then [Pavel] Nedved, the number one. He is the one who improved me more than enyone else. When I saw him I understood that what I was doing was not enough. He was always training, he was a machine.

“I pick up [Patrick] Vieri and Xavi in the middle of the park. Two champions.”

Ibra played with Vieira at Juventus and with the Spaniad at Barcelona.

“That Barcelona side was such a strong team. The first six months were amazing, but then I didn’t feel well because of the coach,” Ibra said.

“Attack is easy: [Zinedine] Zidane attacking midfielder, Ronaldo the phenomenon and Diego Maradona up front. He is the greatest of all time, better than me. I could be the coach of this team, who knows, maybe I can really become a coach one day.”