Why Inter-Lazio VAR decisions were correct

Lazio complained about the two Romelu Lukaku goals in the first half, but VAR shows why both decisions for Inter were correct.

A penalty was awarded when Wesley Hoedt went into a sliding tackle on Lautaro Martinez.

Although the defender did get something on the ball, it was by no means enough to prevent that being a foul in the box.

In fact, a freezeframe of the moment Hoedt’s trailing leg caught Lautaro’s legs shows this occurred before the defender was able to reach the ball.

The second Lukaku goal was initially disallowed for offside, because the ball ricocheted off Manuel Lazzari’s shin after a Marcelo Brozovic tackle and into the Belgian’s path.

This could not be considered an intentional pass from the Lazio player.

However, VAR ruled the goal was not offside because they removed the Lazzari touch from the equation and calculated Lukaku’s position when Brozovic played the ball.

At that moment, Lukaku was not offside, so the goal was allowed to stand.