UEFA’s salary exemption helps Inter

Good news for Inter regarding the unpaid salaries, as the UEFA offers an easier route to obtain the licenses for the European Cups in 2021-22.

In recent months, Inter have struggled with salary delays and took advantage of the FIGC’s dispensation to waive the deadline of February 16 through formal agreements.

The focus then shifted to March 31, when the commitments had to be settled to obtain the licenses for the European Cups in 2021-22.

Last week, the UEFA introduced, due to the negative consequences of the pandemic, an exemption to the obligation to pay all salaries of employees of the previous year.

Only on this occasion, the clubs will be able to obtain the licence if the amount left to pay doesn’t exceed 15 per cent of each player’s salary in the last calendar year.

The club must submit a detailed plan that guarantees payment of arrears by June 30.

Tuttosport reports Inter has not paid salaries for November and December from 2020, equal to €24.8m.

The 15 per cent mentioned in the latest UEFA instructions corresponds to €22.3m and Inter will have to pay €2.5m to their staff by March 31, almost €20m less than would have been necessary under the normal regulations.