Juventus double Inter-Milan Super League revenue

According to the leaked contracts in Der Spiegel, Juventus would’ve earned more than double the sum given to Milan and Inter in the Super League.

The project is now practically dead in the water, but the details are still emerging about what the deal would’ve entailed.

Much has been said about the up to €350m guaranteed on entry to the Super League for the founding clubs, but it seems there are some very big discrepancies between how much each side would receive.

Juventus would be either in the second or third tier, earning them €225-300m on entry.

That is still less than top tier clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona, who’d receive €350m.

There is a very big gap then to the lowest tier clubs, including Inter, Milan, Atletico Madrid and eventually Borussia Dortmund, who would pick up just €100m.

The disparity would continue on the money to be passed out between the clubs after the tournament had concluded.

Sporting results would count for only 20 per cent of the division of revenue, with the club’s name guaranteeing them far more.

La Gazzetta dello Sport claim this would mean a club could earn from a minimum of €55m to a maximum of €270m.