Video: why Faraoni’s goal was correctly disallowed

A video demonstrates Davide Faraoni touched Samir Handanovic’s arm, therefore the referee was right to disallow his goal against Inter.

Ivan Juric’s side could have levelled the game in the second half with Faraoni, who had the ball in the net, but it was disallowed for an apparent push on the goalkeeper.

“I hadn’t seen it on the pitch, I saw it later, I can’t believe they didn’t give that,” Verona coach Juric told DAZN after the game.

The contact between the defender and Handanovic seemed minimal, but a video circulating on social media proves the referee took the correct decision.

Here you can see Faraoni’s right arm touching Handanovic’s left, making it difficult for the Slovenian goalkeeper to block the ball.

Former Serie A referee Luca Marelli believes Rosario Abisso took the correct decision: “There is a contact that prevents Handanovic from catching the ball,” he told Radio 24.

“For me, it’s not wrong to disallow the goal.”